A Campaign for Children & Families

Every child and family impacted by trauma should have access to the help they need. We won’t let them face the impact of trauma alone.

  FamilyForward gives them this much-needed support, through individualized, trauma-informed services and care.

The Bolger Challenge

FamilyForward, with the help of The Bolger Foundation, is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to create a sensory path at our Developmental Trauma Campus, aimed at addressing sensory and motor delays in children affected by developmental trauma. Learn more about how you can help us meet the challenge and bring the sensory path to life for the thousands of children, families, and community members who visit FamilyForward every year.

What We’ll Do Together

To advance our vision for safer, healthier relationships for children and families, this campaign will provide resources to ensure our work is as effective as possible and that our knowledge is used to support others who strive to change the lives of abused and neglected children.

Through this, we will be able to help more children who have suffered from developmental trauma realize safer futures by:

  • Designing a campus that enhances therapeutic services by creating a healthful, safe, and calming environment.
  • Integrating occupational therapy into all developmental trauma services to create safe environments that support learning and childhood development.
  • Decreasing waitlists for services by hiring more therapists and psychologists.
  • Building infrastructure to serve twice as many children and families — 3,000 annually by 2025.
  • Providing comprehensive, high-quality training and education for professionals, educators, caregivers, and others who work with children to serve more children and families impacted by trauma.
  • Building legacy support to ensure access to services for those most in need throughout the region.

You can Help

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Holekamp Foundation

The St. Louis Fund Against Child Abuse and the Holekamp Foundation recently awarded FamilyForward nearly $24,000 to create a SMART Room in the Developmental Trauma Center. The SMART Room will help children regulate emotions, behavior, and relationships through therapeutic equipment supporting sensory, motor, and limbic systems. This new addition will improve outcomes and expand our capacity to serve more children.


FamilyForward’s New Early Childhood Center

Learn more about FamilyForward’s Early Childhood Center and its focus on critical early intervention and prevention of developmental trauma.